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AIA Direct, inc understand the cost of health care itself can be too much, that’s why we came up with a free Rx prescription card to help you save on your prescription medication. AIA Direct’s free Rx card is designed to help you save up to 80% on your prescription. With our Free Rx Card, you will enjoy:

  • No enrollment fees
  • No limits on usage
  • No income or age restrictions
  • Accepted at over 62000 Pharmacies nationwide
  • All prescriptions drugs are eligible for savings


Savings average 54% per prescription with potential savings of up to 80%! You might have questions to whether or not your prescription drugs are eligible for this Rx card.The answer is Yes. All prescription drugs are eligible for savings. The Rx Prescription Card is not insurance. It provides discounts on prescription medications that are not paid for with insurance.


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Mission & Vision

What We Believe


The unique offering American Insurance Agencies Direct provides is the ability for the customer to participate in structuring a specific plan that empowers them with design choices instilling a high level of confidence, dignity and encouragement through open dialogue. This process provides each consumer with a highly personalized level of health, life and Medicare plan choices, which improves outcomes and enhances customer satisfaction to those we serve.


American Insurance Agencies Direct does our utmost to ensure every person has access to affordable and quality health care insurance, while providing an environment of integrity and character for our sales representatives to achieve their vision as well as ours as a company. We provide quality choices and helpful information to the community in which we gratefully serve.


As a common goal of achievement, the management team, as well as the entire staff, strives to meet the following guiding principles:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Compassionately caring for others
  • Individual Commitment to team goals
  • Continual innovation in an ever-changing environment
  • Embracing the changing technolgy to enchance consumer experience

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After years of experience and extensive training, I felt I had a firm grasp on the health care industry and its ever-changing laws and guidelines. It was my belief that a personalized approach to health care insurance was key, and as our society evolved rapidly through technology and economic demands, I saw the importance of making preparations for unforeseen and unexpected health and life issues. This led me to start American Insurance Agencies Direct.

My vision has always been to expand my business to help as many people as possible, and technological advancements allow me to accomplish this dream. Through both phone and the ability to perform online screen sharing with clients, we’re able to connect with people coast to coast as well as expand our own capabilities through ready information. This leads to a refined product that services clients from the comfort of their own home and at their convenience.

Public confusion is at a high, and accurate support is doubly important. Throughout the ongoing changes and requirements for each “open enrollment”, we’re now able to assist thousands and can be there for you to ensure you’re security in a hectic time.